Maz'hura: Book One of the Twelve Dimensions

Paul Centeno
Narrator: Courtney Holly

Captain Shirakaya is a powerful sorceress and the head of the starship Celestial. While traveling through the vastness of space, she and the crew are attacked by an alien race that’s supposed to be exiled from the territory. When she brings this news back to her leaders, she is met with skepticism. Things get worse when her powers start to weaken. The death toll grows, and her magic fades. Shirakaya must decide once and for all how far she’s willing to go to bring peace to her home universe.

“Maz’hura” is a fast-paced read full of excitement! Mr. Centeno has created a book full of so many mysteries, and each page turn makes the reader eager to uncover more! Captain Shirakaya goes on an adventure that takes her through the universe. A unique element to this book is the addition of metaphysical theory, leaving the reader with a great deal to ponder. Sometimes, all of this, mixed with the characters and plot, can be a bit overwhelming. Overall, it’s such a unique blend of fiction, it can’t help but leave readers intrigued.

Ms. Holly gives a captivating performance. Her characters are full of emotion, and she does a wonderful job of bringing the drama of the book out through them. She keeps the pacing strong, even through some of the slower points of the story. Throughout the book there is also a sprinkling of light music to divide up the chapters and key scenes. It helps set the tone for the story often, and in such a way that it isn’t a distraction.

This is a great book for lovers of space opera, science-fiction, and adventure!

Chelsea Andersen