Reviews - Audiobooks

Breakwater (The Mer Chronicles, Book 2)
Errin Stevens,
Narrator: Sean Posvistak

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The seaside town of Griffins Bay, a community of sirens, finds itself in flux. Immediately after the death of two siren monarchs, political unrest has everyone wondering who will lead them next if a rightful heir isn’t located. Meanwhile, some of their members can’t keep their eyes off the local human women, in direct opposition to the rules of their kind.

Destiny on Ice (Boys of Winter, Book 1)
S.R. Grey,
Narrator: Tracy Marks

NEW ADULT:  Largely taking place in Las Vegas, “Destiny on Ice” follows life coach Aubrey Shelburne who gets a rude awakening when the athlete she's supposed to shape up ends up being the man in whose bed she recently woke up.

Shrouds of Darkness (Brooklyn Shadows Book 1)
Brock E. Deskins,
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen

PARANORMAL/NOIR:  Brooklyn, New York: an accountant goes missing - one who just happens to be a supernatural creature. As bodies begin to pile up, the connection between them and the missing accountant are no longer a coincidence. Enter Leo Malone, vampire, and freelance hit man, bodyguard, and detective...if the price is right.

A Girl Like You: The Henrietta and Inspector Howard Series
Michelle Cox
Narrator: Jayne A. Entwistle

MYSTERY/HISTORICAL:  Still struggling years after the stock market crash and the recent death of her father, Henrietta works as hard as she can as a "26 girl" at a local bar.  When an opportunity to become a taxi dancer opens up, she takes the job in hopes of bringing in more money for her family.

A Gypsy’s Kiss (The Sectorium #1)
Susan Griscom
Narrator: Colin Carr, Rachel Woods

PARANORMAL:  Breena Cassidy has spent the better part of her 22 years avoiding any real human connection.  With her ability to see into another’s future at a mere touch, she avoids contact except during her psychic reading gigs.  When college hockey star Hawk Covington walks into a reading needing help, he turns her upside down.  After their first encounter, the two find themselves on a dangero