Maybe This Time (A Second Chance Romance)

Susan B. James,
Narrator: Stephanie Bentley

TIME TRAVEL:  For her birthday, Jen never expects to travel back in time from London 2001 to 1988. She certainly doesn't expect to come face to face with "he who shall never be named" -- her ex-husband. Lance accompanies Jen back to 2001 only to learn that Jen's brother doesn't know how to send him back. So, they jump forward five years to find the answer. As Jen and Lance meet their future selves, they grapple with the past choices they made. But finding their way back to each other won't be easy after they make a chilling discovery that will determine if they really can have a second chance at love.

Susan B. James deftly weaves a tale of romance, time travel and history. What makes this story stand out is that James does not take us back to 1988 for a do over. As Jen and Lance try to straighten their timelines out, they are both well into their fifties when they journey forward to 2005. The combination of a love that has never died and a historical back drop from the not too distant past will capture listeners' attention and make them hope that maybe this time, Lance and Jen will get it right.

Narrated by Stephanie Bentley, the audio is a high quality, professional production. The contrast of British accents for the main character with an American accent for the narrator is surprising, but did not detract from the story. Overall, Bentley does a marvelous job of bringing the characters to life with distinct voices and taking us on a journey through time.

Tricia Hill