A Matter of Time (Thistle & Hive #4)

Jennae Vale
Paul Woodson

TIME TRAVEL:  Edna, the keeper of the time-traveling bridge, has sent Richard to present-day San Francisco where he quickly meets Angelina. Despite Angelina’s desire to stay single, Edna has sent Richard to her for a reason.  As Richard is acclimating to his new surroundings, he and Angelina suddenly find themselves thrust into 16th-century Scotland, growing closer together, all the while running from a man who is a threat to their livelihood.  


Even without listening to the first three books listeners will find it very easy to catch up to the storyline and will quickly become enthralled with this time-traveling historical romance. Jennae Vale has created a world that is fascinating and enchanting, and it translates to audio beautifully.  The chemistry between the main characters is palpable and the secondary characters are just as enjoyable as the main ones. The plot is well thought out and despite there being a lot of moving pieces, the facts are consistent but well told, so the listener can easily keep up with the story.


Paul Woodson is the perfect choice for narrator of this audiobook. Although his narration style is more “story telling” than narrating, it works so well here! Paul speaks with amazing accents — from Old English to American to Scottish; it is a joy to listen to his seamless transformations.  The audio quality is crisp and clear, as if it were created in one take.  If readers enjoy time traveling romance, look no further than this one!


Misty Walker