The Mason List

S.D. Hendrickson,
Honey St. Dennis

CONTEMPORARY:  Alex has grown up keeping tally of all the things the Mason family has done for her and her father, so this book is aptly titled “The Mason List”. Now Alex is scornful and spending her life figuring out a way to repay the Masons.  The problem is that Jess Mason, son of the Masons, is her soulmate, her best friend and also part of the reason Alex now holds so much resentment in her heart. 


S.D. Hendrickson’s ability to develop memorable characters is brilliant.  Alex’s character, although excruciatingly frustrating at times, was written as strong and unfaltering.  Then there is Jess, unwavering and steadfast, always there and waiting with open arms. His ability both to love and let go was beautiful.  The push and pull of Alex and Jess was enjoyable and the chemistry between the two was palpable.  It was the ending that will leave you wanting more.  The listener ventures through this entire journey with these characters and the reward at the end was so clipped and brief, it might leave one unsatisfied.  Overall, a very heartwarming story full of angst and love.


The audio quality was excellent, no outside noises or popping to pull you out of the story.  The narrator, Honey St. Dennis, was clearly invested.  The emotion poured through her voice and makes the listener feel everything right along with her. The only issue a listener might have is her narration of Jess and other male characters.  It was forced and amateur sounding. However, her narration of secondary characters was excellent. The prim and proper Mrs. Mason had a southern lilt that the narrator was able to express perfectly. 


Misty Walker