The Marquess Meets His Match (Veterans Club #1)

Julie Coulter Bellon

Narrator: Jessica Elisa Boyd


HISTORICAL:  The two fascinating protagonists in this story are Lord Christian Wolverton-- ‘Wolf’ in spy circles--and Lady Alice Huntingdon, a duke’s daughter, and surprisingly, also a spy with The Falcon Group. Lord Wolverton is fulfilled as an officer serving his country. Lady Alice wishes that someone could see her contributions, instead of focusing on the fact that she is a woman. This story occurs shortly after the Battle of Waterloo, when tensions are high between France and England. There is a power vacuum in France, and leaders are jockeying for information and power, providing an opportunity for an English traitor. Lady Alice and Lord Christian are tasked with working together to ferret out the traitor intent on destroying The Falcon Group. 

Lady Alice is a strong and capable character in this delightful audiobook!  She relies on her intelligence and skill to get out of dangerous situations handily, and she doesn’t scare easily. Her character is more fully-developed than Lord Wolverton’s character, and a refreshing change from common female portrayals of this era. Toward the end of the story, Wolf finally develops into a strong enough male to be able to accept her abilities and to see her value as a partner. The tension is steady throughout and contains a storyline that is believable, original, and refreshingly fun. 

Jessica Boyd portrays these characters beautifully. She brings various people ‘to life’ from multiple social strata in a credible manner. Her accents sound believable and she stays on target with each one. There aren’t any noticeable mistakes in the production quality, and there aren’t any noticeable mouth noises or outside noises in the recording. There is a very good chance this audiobook will leave the listener with a smile on their face!

Carey Sullivan