Making a Medium

Erin Huss
Narrator: Emily Wilson

PARANORMAL/MYSTERY:  Zoe Lane sees dead people — well, just one, by the name of Willie MacIntosh. While he may have died at the age of 90, he manifests himself as someone in his 30s. He has many opinions about her life, most specifically that he would like her to solve his murder. There are many suspects in the case, though, and all of them have a good reason to want him dead — the millions of dollars he has in his estate. If Zoe isn’t careful, she could be joining him on the other side.

“Making a Medium” is a fun, witty, sassy read! It has a lot of action and plenty of twists and turns to keep the listener guessing! The heroine, Zoe, is a woman many listeners will be able to relate to. Her interactions with Willie will have listeners laughing out loud. There are a few moments where she comes across as a bit too naive, and those might be frustrating. However, overall, the story is gripping and delightfully entertaining.

Emily Wilson has a lovely voice to listen to, and her performance as Zoe feels genuine and full of emotion. She truly connects to the character! The pacing of the book is a bit fast. Most of the lines were read at a speed that made it hard to keep up. The voices provided for the male characters were also very similar to one another, making it hard to understand who was speaking when. Throughout the book though, she is able to keep the tone of the story right on, making it an easy listen!

This is a perfect book for fans of cozy mysteries and paranormal romances!

Chelsea Andersen