Magic of the Loch

Karen Michelle Nutt
Narrator: Heather McRae

PARANORMAL:  Michaela Grant is going on a vacation to Scotland as one last hurrah. A medical condition has left her with only weeks or months to live, so she plans on doing it to the fullest. Alan MacLachlin is determined to help her do just that. As the legendary Loch Ness Monster, Alan is cursed to live as a man and a beast, rotating between the two every fifty years until he finds his soulmate. Alan and Michaela plan to make the most of their time together, but those plans are interrupted by a vengeful shapeshifter who is out to ruin everything.

Karen Michelle Nutt writes a beautiful tale about love and destiny and shakes up the paranormal romance genre while doing so. Alan and Michaela have a palpable chemistry throughout the book from the moment they first meet, to the moment they discover the truth of their relationship. When there are moments where the listener thinks they’ve got everything figured out Nutt throws a curveball, making this not only a steamy, sensual read, but one filled with intrigue as well.

Heather McRae has a gorgeous Scottish accent that really makes the whole novel magical. During the whole book, one feels transported into the setting itself. Each character has his or her own unique sound. Even though the vocal tones aren’t exactly different, the personality of each character still shines through the performance making it clear who is speaking and who isn’t. Switching from Scottish to American accents is like second nature for Ms. McRae as well, and it only adds to the performance.

This a great paranormal romance novel, and Karen Michelle Nutt is one to get hooked on!

Chelsea Anderson