Love’s Journey Home (Lincoln Love Stories #2)

Julie Coulter Bellon
Narrator: Brianne Vega

CONTEMPORARY: D.A. Olivia Dalton loves her job as a tough as nails attorney seeking justice. Mick Donovan is the town player, always dating a new girl. But when Olivia and Mick are thrown together and bonded with a common goal of helping an innocent child, they begin to learn the truth about one another. Mick discovers Olivia has a softer side and can bend rules if it means protecting those she loves. Olivia learns Mick is much less of a player than people believe, and he has a truly honorable heart. Mick is afraid to let anyone get too close, believing if they know his secrets, he will be rejected just as he was in the past. As they fall in love, she just has to hope he will trust her enough to open his heart to her and all the possibilities in their future.

Mick is a sweet and relatable guy who is not known by many people in town. People only know what he lets them see. When he begins to trust Olivia and let her into his life and heart, a strong and sweet romance begins to build. The chemistry between them is strong from the start. The character development is great as Mick and Olivia learn to move beyond their pasts and focus on the future and let their love create a home. Julie Coulter Bellon tackles harsh realities but tempers the difficult plot with a romance filled with hope and desire. The story drags along in some parts with so many trust issues between the two. An emotional romance filled with action and drama.

Brianne Vega has a soothing voice that draws in the listener. With a perfect cadence and speed “Love’s Journey Home” immerses you in the case Olivia is prosecuting. There isn’t enough differentiation in the characters’ voices at points, but the pacing is great, adding drama and affect to the emotion packed scenes.

Trigger Warning – contains descriptions of abuse.

Cara Cieslak