Love’s Journey Home

C.A. Simonson,
Narrator: Peter Kendall

YOUNG ADULT/INSPIRATIONAL:  Growing up Frank has had a rough life, with an abusive father and then later abandonment; he has a lot to sort through. He is just starting to figure out how to decipher right from wrong when he meets Anne. “Love’s Journey Home” is a tale of hope and redemption when it seems impossible.

The bulk of this well-written inspirational novel focuses on Frank and his upbringing with his family. His story is captivating and he and his siblings have been through a great deal. So much of his past will have listeners not wanting to pause the story. Each sibling is painted vividly to the point where listeners will be thinking about him or her even when they are not in the scene, and will wonder about them as the novel reaches its conclusion. Frank’s struggle through love and finding faith is believable and will tug at the heartstrings as the book progresses.

Peter Kendall’s performance is passionate, and at times overly so and in a way that can distract from the book itself. The pacing is a little too quick as well which works for the action-oriented scenes, but not for the more emotional ones. Listeners might feel like the story is being rushed or miss the complete emotional impact. That being said, Kendall has a fantastic voice to listen to, and his voice work is on-point. Pacing aside, his tone is a great fit for bringing the novel to life.

Overall, this is a great listen and is perfect for those who like a novel where they are cheering for the underdog. Frank’s life is an unbelievable journey.

Chelsea Anderson