Lost Love's Return

Alfred Nicols
Narrator: Eric Altheide

HISTORICAL: During World War I, Elizabeth never expected to meet the man she loved in the field. Working as a nurse, the young British woman meets Peter—an American. As she treats his wounds, the two begin to fall for one another—then Peter is sent home unexpectedly at the end of the war. With everything moving so quickly, Peter is unable to pass along a message to Elizabeth so they can keep in touch. All seems lost. Twenty-seven years pass, and Elizabeth is still the one woman on Peter’s mind despite attempting a loveless marriage with another woman. With the help of his son, he finds Elizabeth once again. The only thing he’s unsure of is if she still loves him back.

Mr. Nicols delivers a moving and emotional historical drama with “Lost Love’s Return!” Readers are transported back to World War I and sent on the journey of a lifetime! The setting for the book is well researched, creating a fully immersive experience for readers. The connection between Elizabeth and Peter is instant and believable, making their years spent yearning for one another all the more emotional. Most of the focus is on Peter’s story, from meeting Elizabeth to finding his way back to her again. Some readers might be disappointed not to get a fully rounded story from Elizabeth’s perspective as well. Overall, however, “Lost Love's Return” is an incredibly satisfying historical romance.

The narrator, Mr. Altheide, has a rich voice that fits the setting and mood of the book perfectly. His accents are wonderful and distinct, covering a vast assortment of regions. Each character has a unique voice that makes them easy to tell apart. The pacing fluctuates appropriately with the events of the book, adding urgency when required yet also fitting the tender, slower, moments as well. This is an absolutely fabulous production!

A great read for lovers of historical romances and second chances!

Chelsea Andersen