Lorelei’s Lyric

D. B. Sieders
Narrator: Stefanie Kay

PARANORMAL:  Lorelei loves to sing. Unfortunately, her gifts as a siren cause her to kill any human that hears her do it. When rock star Vance Idol hears her singing by the water, he willingly falls under her spell. Unable to bear his suffering, Lorelei not only saves his life, but makes it her mission to help him heal from the pain of his tragic past. She just can’t fall in love with him, because in doing so, she’d lose her immortality.

D. B. Sieders has created a wonderfully crafted world, taking on familiar lore and mixing it up with a unique twist. From talking catfish lords, to arrogant eagle elemental shifters, to the classic siren, there are abundant fun paranormal species for listeners to sink their teeth into. There’s also a wonderfully developed, steamy romance brewing. The chemistry between Lorelei and Vance is believable and one to root for. The pacing of the story is on-point keeping the listener enthralled and wanting to hear another chapter. This is a great book for lovers of paranormal romance, and the beginning to an exciting series.

The narration by Stefanie Kay is strong, though it does take some time for her to get comfortable in the story. Early chapters are a bit rocky in terms of voice consistency, and some of the side characters with only one or two lines have strange voicing choices. Some are too shrill while others are just random-sounding. All of the main characters are solid, though there are moments where Lorelei’s speaking blends in with the tone used for the third-person narration. Kay’s performance is full of passion, and it’s timed perfectly to the story, with every emotion matching the scene.

Chelsea Anderson