Live for This

Kathryn R. Biel
Narrator: Lori Prince

WOMEN'S FICTION/CHICK-LIT:  A trigger warning for rape and drug abuse with detailed descriptions.

After a horrible relationship, Samirah finds herself homeless in an unfamiliar town with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.  When Michael encounters Samirah, for reasons he cannot explain he is compelled to help her, thrusting the two into an unlikely friendship.  For the first time since an accident that left him paralyzed, Michael feels as if he can make a difference in someone else’s life, and he is determined to not give up on her.  Through Michael’s kindness, Samirah begins to wonder if she can overcome her past and maybe find someone she can finally trust.  

 “Live for This” is a great story about how, even in the midst of brokenness, healing can come in the unlikeliest of places.  One’s heart breaks for Samirah but warms with the kindness Michael showers upon her.  Michael, paralyzed from the waist down does not shy away from life.  Instead, he is determined to embrace it, handicap and all.  Ms. Biel paints a great picture of a man who will not let a physical injury hold him back.  The friendship between Samirah and Michael grows naturally and the chemistry between the two drives the plot in a beautiful way.  Readers will embrace them fully, root for them to find healing, joy and love in the end.

Lori Prince, for the most part does an excellent job of portraying the characters.  The only hindrance to her performance is her male voices, jarring the listener out of the story for a time.  The emotion Ms. Price puts into the characters will envelope the listener into the story, bringing more to an already impactful story.  Along with a great recording quality, and a good performance by Ms. Prince, “Live for This” makes for an intriguing and worthwhile listen.

Amy Cefoldo