Linda Gets Her Groove Thing

J.D. Frettier
Hollie Jackson

CONTEMPORARY/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  In this outrageous audiobook, Linda has just found out that her newly dead husband, Grey, had been cheating on her as well as left her in financial ruin.  She is leaving for a shift as a flight attendant when she passes out and wakes up, not in heaven or hell, but in the Green Room, very crass and mystical place of its own.  While in the Green Room, Linda learns that she can exact revenge on her ex-husband and sets out to do just that.  Let's just say that her level of retribution will directly affect Grey’s manhood.

This audio is not for the weak humored — only the sassiest need apply.  The instant shock of how the audio opens with Linda in a precarious situation was a little too strong, no matter how funny and although it is said to be a standalone, the listener might feel a little left behind because major plot pieces are not explained very thoroughly (i.e. the Green Room).  Moving past those issues, J.D. Frettier wrote a book that is easy to slip into and stay absorbed in.  The characters were comical and easy to love while the plot was basic enough to be easily understandable in this short of a book.

The narration quality was clean and Hollie Jackson is a dynamic narrator.  There are a few times that the listener might get lost on which characters are speaking because the narrator does not give the characters each their own voice, opting for more of a story telling technique, but other than that, the narration is just as effortless to listen to as the book.

Misty Walker