Light at the End

Henry G.M. Jones
Narrator: Henry G.M. Jones

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Gordon, a troubled soul, lost his son Wyatt in a tragedy. Looking for revenge, Gordon listens to the ghost of his dead son who tells him who is responsible for his death. Only, it seems Gordan can never quite get it right. An important detail is missing, and the only way for him to discover it is to remember that horrible day for himself. Meanwhile, Detective Keller and his assistant Charlene are on a tough case. A string of murders sends them on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s quite possible the same person who murdered Wyatt is still on the prowl. Between the three of them, justice might be served after all.

“Light at the End” is emotionally raw and powerful. A thriller that leaves readers guessing until the very end! Mr. Jones creates a world full of rich characters. First there’s Detective Keller and his assistant Charlene, struggling to solve the gruesome murders. Each goes through an assortment of emotions that bring their characters together. Then there’s Gordon who is coping with the loss of his own child. Twists and turns bring their worlds together in one startling and gut-wrenching conclusion. Mr. Jones has a very straightforward narrative style that works for the novella. In a few places, having more description would have benefited the story. Overall, it’s a fantastic, quick read!

Narrated by the author, this tale is a well done audio production. Having Mr. Jones’ personal touch to the tale brings the story to life in the way he’d intended. His tone and pacing is perfect for the flow of the narrative, and he is easy to listen to. The portrayal of Gordon is his strongest character, and Detective Keller would be a close second. From there, some of the characters start to blend and blur together, making them harder to differentiate. Overall, it’s a great listen!

This is a good novella for those who are looking for a quick, spine tingling story!

Chelsea Andersen