Life Goes On

Kelly Moore
Narrator: Sarah Puckett

NEW ADULT/CONTEMPORARY:  Olivia McDill loves her life, and she loves her dream-come-true husband even more. When tragedy strikes, and he leaves too soon, he also leaves her with a series of instructions outlining how he hopes for her to move on. Olivia embarks on a journey of self-discovery. One that teaches her that life does, in fact, go on.

Kelly Moore has done a great job of creating a passionate romance between Olivia and her husband. Even though he is not in the spotlight, his presence is felt throughout the novella, and his absence is felt by the listener just as much as by the characters. His and Olivia’s story is shared throughout the course of the book. There’s Olivia’s life before with him, and Olivia’s life afterward without him. Both portions are equally gripping. It’s a fantastic, emotional, painting put together through words that will resonate with the listener! Olivia’s pain is everyone’s pain, and her triumph is also shared with others as well. Listeners will laugh and cry with each chapter. The only complaint is with the pacing. For some, it might seem too fast for certain events to transpire. Otherwise, this book is just about as perfect as they come!

Sarah Puckett’s performance is magnificent! It’s clear she really connected with Olivia’s character. Her feelings are genuine, and her vocal tones shift appropriately with each of the side characters that pop up throughout the novella. 

This is a beautiful read! Lovers of romance will eat up the sultry scenes, as well as the emotional connection that really brings this novella to life! It is a must read!

Chelsea Andersen