The Last Train (Detective Hiroshi Series Book 1)

Michael Pronko
Narration: Peter Berkrot

An American Businessman is found dead in Tokyo. Detective Hiroshi Shimizu is called to the scene by his mentor, Takamatsu. But in this endeavor, Hiroshi may find himself out of his depth. As they work their way through the case, it becomes apparent that the killer might be a woman. The journey takes them from society’s deepest depravities to the high class areas of the city. Will they be able to bring the killer to justice? Or will Hiroshi possibly be the killer’s next target? In a city as big as Tokyo, anything is possible.

From the first page, this is a gripping story that both readers and listeners can lose themselves in for several hours. Even readers who may not know much about Tokyo will be able to visualize the settings and follow along with plot. Hiroshi is a fascinating character, and when teamed up with his mentor, the two make an unstoppable team. The dynamic between them is interesting. It is clear that Michael Pronko knows Tokyo and has done his research on the methods and inner workings of its police department. This is an amazing start to what promises to be an exciting series with a unique character.

Peter Berkrot provides an excellent performance which will have listeners chomping at the bit for the story to continue. He has a voice that creates an unescapable atmosphere that listeners will certainly enjoy, whether listening while on a walk, lying in bed, or at the gym. The narration is clear, concise and it is easy to understand and differentiate between the characters.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick