Lady of the Tarot (Reign of Tarot, Book 2)

Juli D. Revezzo
Narrator: Christina Marie Morris

PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL/GOTHIC:  Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, Emily Maigny and the remains of her family have fled to England to pick up the pieces of their lives and find a way to carry on. But a host of violent visions plague Emily, along with a suitor she feels obligated to court in exchange for helping her and her family escape France. Her path crosses with Linton Morrison, a young man whose interest in tarot cards may lead to deciphering the true meaning of her visions. As their feelings for each other grow, so does the danger as an evil that has crossed the boundaries of death closes in around them.

 Fans of female-driven historical narratives will enjoy the voice of Ms. Revezzo's displaced heroine as she struggles to adapt to a new life in England. The story is told from the points of view of Emily and Linton and several secondary characters which, in an audiobook, occasionally created a loss of connection with the story's main protagonist, particularly when paranormal antagonist perspectives were interspersed throughout the narrative. Sticklers for historical accuracy may be jolted by words, phrases, and social etiquette not true to the time as well as the strong paranormal elements, but those who are simply looking for a moody historical will appreciate the atmosphere Revezzo establishes.

 Narrator Christina Marie Morris does an admirable job handling the variety of English, French, and Scottish accents but seemed to struggle with maintaining the consistent sounds of individual characters. However, she holds true to the heroine's voice and consistently re-centers the listener in Emily's perspective, upon which the story hinges.

Amanda Lyn