Lady of the Moon (Pirates of Britannia 0.5)

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brian J. Gill

HISTORICAL:  Determined to not marry the woman his father has chosen for him, Sir Rhodes de Leybourne will do whatever it takes, even running away.  In order to guarantee his son follows through with the marriage, Rhodes’ father hires Samarra, a mercenary known as The Lady of the Moon.  When she sets out to capture Rhodes and deliver him to his father, Samarra has only money on her mind.  However, the longer she spends with Rhodes, the more she finds her heart softening toward him.  Can the two overcome their stations and family obligations and follow their hearts?

For readers who love a good quick romance, they will enjoy “Lady of the Moon,” with its strong female lead and handsome knight.  Samarra is not the typical damsel in distress, far from it, which brings an intriguing perspective.  Although the storyline of not wanting to marry one’s betrothed is not new, Ms. Le Veque writes Rhodes in such a way that readers will still be engaged in his story.  The only true complaint is the book is not long enough, resulting in characters who are not fully fleshed out and a conclusion that seems a little too convenient.  Nonetheless, Ms. Le Veque delivers another romance that will have readers coming back for more.

For anyone in search of a well-narrated romance, this is it! Mr. Gill truly brings “The Lady of the Moon” to life. Combined, a great production, a voice that is pleasing to listen to and an interesting story, the final product delivers an enjoyable experience. The story does switch back and forth between different perspectives with little distinction in voices from Mr. Gill, so it takes a few moments to know whose perspective it is.  The overall narrative and story will have lovers of romance swooning!

Amy Cefoldo