The Lady Flyer

Jane Lewis
Narrator: Dawson McBride

Lisbeth Douglas is a pilot, an airplane mechanic, and a flight instructor, unheard of for a female in 1939. She’s had amazing teachers for all of it, and she is forging her own path in a male-dominated profession that contains many biases against her. She really wants to be a test pilot, but figures that is a nearly impossible dream. Paul Williams is an airplane salesman from a very wealthy family. His father directs his life in many ways, and Paul is tired of it. He’s not following his dream career, but really wants to do so. Despite his poor behavior when Paul and Lisbeth first meet, there is an attraction there, and the more time they spend together, the more the sparks fly.

This story takes listeners back to a simpler time, when family, community, and perceptions were more important than they seem to be today. The descriptions of the town, the planes, and the activities are well done, and are effective in helping listeners visualize the scenes. Most of this story is believable, with a couple of minor exceptions that are a stretch. The author presents the conflicts within each protagonist, and has the reader invested in the outcome. The pacing is relaxed, but there is tension that increases whenever Paul’s dad is around.

Dawson McBride does a masterful job of narrating this audiobook. His voice is smooth and deep, and his character depictions are delightful and believable. It’s obvious that it’s a male voice when he’s voicing the female parts, but his depiction makes the reader actually believe it is a female speaking. This man is gifted in narrating audiobooks, and could probably make an ingredients list sound interesting! The sound quality and production are spot-on. An absolute aural treat for lovers of audiobooks.

Carey Sullivan