A Knight's Temptation (Knight’s Series Book 3)

Catherine Kean
Narrator: James Gillies
HISTORICAL: This audiobook starts with an intense and heart-wrenching prologue that pulls readers into the story unequivocally. The story begins in Moydenshire, England, in 1183, where Lady Leona Ransley and Aldwin Treynarde meet for the first time as children. Something unfortunate happens that day that affects both of these protagonists for years to come. They meet again many years later, while arguing over a stolen necklace above a filthy bar. Both are carrying ‘scars’ from that earlier meeting. However, Leona recognizes Aldwin, but he doesn’t recognize her. And Leona is a strong and capable protagonist, as is Aldwin, but she needs to keep her identity secret. Nevertheless, the intensity of these opening scenes sets the tone for the rest of this well-thought out story.
The tension and pacing are perfect throughout this audiobook. Fair warning: this story is difficult to pause once started. The story is intense; dangerous people abound and appear in unexpected places. The world-building descriptions are vivid and easily imagined, with villains who are truly vile, and with good characters who are wonderful people that listeners can really enjoy. The conflicts and motivations are established early, and the protagonists don’t stray from these. Unfortunately, the villains are motivated by greed and revenge, and switch allegiances readily depending on who can provide the best reward…
James Gillies does a marvelous job navigating the various character voices required within this audiobook. His voice is delightfully smooth and easy to listen to, while remaining true to each character he is expressing. His accents are believable and he conveys the story realistically. The sound quality is excellent on this recording, and there aren’t any unexpected noises or obvious mistakes within the recording. This audiobook is a true delight for any lover of historical and/or medieval romance!
Carey Sullivan