A Knight’s Vengeance (Knight’s Series # 1)

Catherine Kean
Narrator: James Gillies

HISTORICAL: Lord Geoffrey de Lanceau watched his father be wrongfully killed right in front of him for treason, but when he was not able to prove his father’s innocence, his thoughts turned to revenge. What he didn’t expect was for the woman he saved and instantly felt attracted toward, to turn out to be the daughter of his sworn enemy. Taking advantage of the new situation, Geoffrey decides to kidnap Elizabeth Brackendale and use her to draw her father out. While Elizabeth has longed for freedom from her father’s choices, she does still love him. When she is taken by the man who wants to see him dead, she is determined to spoil his plans no matter what it takes. However, as the pair spend time together, love blooms and gets in the way.

This beautiful historical romance is sure to sweep listeners off their feet. Lord Geoffrey is an anti-hero that is so well written, the listener is sure to fall for him while still feeling a need to root for Elizabeth’s escape at times. Elizabeth’s courage and determination are both inspiring and add an air of suspense that even Geoffrey can’t help but admire. The truth about what happened to Geoffrey’s father keeps listeners wrapped in a mystery that doesn’t overshadow the romance, and plays out perfectly. While the love between the couple could benefit from a more meaningful emotional bond, the story is absolutely heartwarming.

James Gillies does a fairly good job narrating the story. However, there are times when characters' voices get mixed up with one another. Additionally, moments of emotional distress can sound as though the character is feeling an entirely different emotion. Nevertheless the voice quality is clear and there are no unexpected noises in the audio.

Annalee Stilove