A Knight’s Reward (Knight’s Series, Book 2)

Catherine Kean
Narrator: James Gillies

HISTORICAL: Gisela Anne Balewyne, a commoner, was in love with Dominic de Terre a few years ago. Unfortunately, he is a nobleman, and his father and stepmother pick another woman for him to marry. To escape that fate, he joins the Crusades and leaves Gisela, his heart, and his home for a different life. In the ensuing years, Gisela is married to a monster but has recently escaped her life with him. She is living in near poverty, working as a seamstress in a small village, and saving every coin she can, when she is given a commission to create garments out of some extremely fine silk. Dominic has arrived in her new hometown and is seeking this same silk, which was stolen from Dominic’s close friend, but Gisela is unable to share her knowledge of it with him, to protect the life of her son.

This audiobook pulls readers in from the very start and never lets go! It is easy to understand Gisela’s conflicts, and to feel the anguish of a love lost in the past, as well as the need to protect her innocent little son. She is a fierce mother, even while battling intense fears and the emotional trauma of her marriage. Meanwhile, Dominic is unable to share his identity with the townsfolk, and is misjudged at times, which leads to some unfortunate consequences.

James Gillies does an amazing job of narrating this audiobook. His tone is smooth and is a decadent treat for the ears! His accents sound authentic and each character is portrayed distinctly and clearly. This is a narrator to remember; he is obviously very good at this job. The sound quality of the entire recording is excellent and there aren’t any noticeable flaws in the production quality either.

Carey Sullivan