Journey to New Salem (The Witches of Vegas Book 2)

Mark Rosendorf
Narrator: Jeff Hutchins

With the Wiccan Vampire, Valeria, out of their hair, the self-made family has seen unbelievable success in their stage show on the strip. Isis and Zack are feeling closer than ever. Life is perfect…or at least it was, until Isis begins to have seizures that cause her powers to lash out. Desperate for a cure, Isis and her family travel to New Salem, hoping the myth of the witches who live in that village is actually true. Unfortunately, it seems the only person who has the cure is Valeria, and in return she wants a price from Zack that he’s not sure he’s willing to pay.

Mr. Rosendorf has created a wild ride in his second book for the Witches of Vegas series! “Journey to New Salem” picks up right where the last book left off and moves forward full steam ahead! The bond between Isis and Zack grows stronger as they navigate the new trials before them. Zack especially becomes more relatable as he spends more time in the spotlight. This story moves at a fast pace with a lot of action mixed in with the romance. Heartstrings will be pulled as it comes to a dramatic conclusion that feels a bit like a cliffhanger. Readers will need to read the first book in order to make sense of the events happening in this installment. As a whole, this story strikes all of the right notes for those looking for an action packed urban fantasy.

Mr. Hutchins’ narrating performance is incredibly passionate! The pacing in this book is spot on, and he is able to use that to create a sense of urgency during the more explosive and dramatic moments. Every character has their own sound, making it easy to tell who is speaking when. This helps make the characters easier to connect with as well.

This is a great read for lovers of fast paced urban fantasy and romance!

Chelsea Andersen