Irish Magic

Susan B James

Narrator: Stephanie Rose


MAGICAL REALISM/ ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Kate Carnahan is a struggling writer finishing her second book when her fiancé breaks their engagement. He had been the inspiration for her current work-in-progress. So Kate wishes on a 4-leaf clover. Bradley Flynn, CEO of a PR firm, and half-human/half-leprechaun, has to fulfill her wish. She trusts him as a friend and travels with him to Ireland. Dr. Michael Walshe is ready to propose, when he finds his actress girlfriend in bed with her co-star. Essie O’Brian is Michael’s close geriatric friend who is also going to Ireland, but needs assistance. Essie is magic, and is famous for matchmaking in Ireland. Since Michael wants to escape the paparazzi, he offers to travel with Essie.

This is a cute story with some very entertaining parts! However, there are some places where the pacing is uneven and the story drags. Nevertheless, the protagonists are likeable and the author has clearly given each one distinct motivations, even if they are somewhat contrived for Kate. She lives in New York City, yet travels to Ireland to find a new hero/inspiration. With a little magical help, Kate runs into Michael everywhere she goes, and Michael rescues her when needed. The supporting characters are delightful! They add a sense of fun to the story. Every person would be lucky to have an Essie or a Bradley around! Those two characters often add a sense of joy and lightness to this audiobook.

Listening to this as an audiobook adds dimension to these characters. The Irish accents bring a delightful melodious quality to this story. The pace and some pronunciations seem slow and awkward, but increasing the listening speed negates these small issues. Nevertheless, the recording is quite good, without any unexplained background issues. This is a lighthearted romp filled with leprechauns, magic, and unexpected fun!

Carey Sullivan