Ginny L.

INSPIRATIONAL/CHRISTIAN:  Three women, all facing different struggles, yet they find common ground in their need to heal from past hurts.  Ellyn, although successful in the kitchen as a chef, finds her weight holding her back in all other aspects of her life.  Sabina is running from her past and has left her husband and grown daughters behind to hide away.  Twila, overcoming an eating disorder, must face her past or forever be haunted by food.  As these women encounter one another, they find strength in friendship and that maybe with a little faith they can overcome all the hurt that plagues them.

“Invisible,” a story for anyone who has ever struggled with grief or body image, gives one hope they are not alone.  The plot is slow going with four different points of view to keep up with, and readers may find it difficult to stay invested in each story line.  Although each point of view compliments the story, the shifting points of view are not completely necessary and ultimately hinder the overall pace.  The emotion Ms. Yttrup brings to each character will draw readers in and by the end, one cannot help love each character and her story. 

Ms. Woodworth brings to life each main character with a distinct voice, making it easy for listeners to distinguish between each point of view.  Although, each voice is different, the speed at which she speaks is fairly slow, making it hard to stay engaged for long periods of time.  At times the narrator uses too little emotion or inflection, resulting in a rather lackluster narration and dragging down the listener’s overall enjoyment of the book.  Overall, with interesting characters and Ms. Woodworth bringing them to life, “Invisible” makes for an enjoyable listen.

Amy Cefoldo