An Inconvenient Grand Tour (Victorian Grand Tour #1)

Lisa H. Catmull
Narrator: Jessica Carney

HISTORICAL: Eleanor Barrington must marry; that was always in her future, and she understood it at a young age. She has her sights set on marrying one particular suitor who doesn’t seem to notice she’s alive. Her brother’s best friend, Percy enters her life, and the plan she’d so carefully concocted for herself goes out the window. Together, they are to travel on a grand tour, each with their own goals in mind… goals that are tested and changed for better or worse as Eleanor asks herself if she can indeed find love, or if she must only marry for convenience.

Time traveling via a book! Incredibly historically accurate and vivid, “An Inconvenient Grand Tour” instantly transports readers to another time! Eleanor, a headstrong female, both strives to be accepted in society and have whatever freedom she can muster from its expectations. This balance that she tries to strike is part of what makes the book so fascinating to read. Her chemistry with Percy is instant and believable, and their scenes alone together are some of the best in the book. There are a few slow moments in the story. Overall, it’s a sweet story with a satisfying slow burn romance.

Ms. Carney gives a solid performance in “An Inconvenient Grand Tour.” Her characterization of Eleanor is especially spot on, truly giving voice to a unique character! All of the other characters in the story have a distinct sound to them. While Ms. Carney doesn’t change vocal pitch often, she has other flares she attaches to her speech that help to differentiate all of the different people readers will meet. She’s able to keep the flow of the story going even in the slower moments as well. A great production, all around!

This is a great listen for lovers of historical romance and sweet romances.

Chelsea Andersen