Huerfano: A Memoir of Life in the Counterculture

Roberta Price
Narrator: Roberta Price

MEMOIR:  In the late 1960’s the counterculture sprang into existence and communes were born. Roberta Price, recent graduate of Vassar, is given a grant to visit these communities and photograph them. Roberta and her husband, David, decide this life is the one they want to live. Making the decision to move to Huerfano, in southeast Colorado, is just the beginning of their adventure. Throughout her time there, she documents what it is like to build their home and new life from nothing. Roberta takes her audience through the struggles and victories of this era; politics, family, friendships and marriage are all vividly laid bare in this memoir.

Readers will immediately be drawn in listening to Roberta Price’s unique narrative. At just under sixteen hours of listening time, readers may be discouraged to pick this up, but that would be a huge mistake. This book transports one back to the 60’s and 70’s with vivid descriptions of what life was really like in their communities. With this raw honesty comes the reality of their situation and should be for mature audiences regarding the sexual content and mild swearing, neither of which should be a deterrent from grabbing this memoir. Readers should also take note that the chapter list does not coincide with the audio. Readers should be ready to transport themselves to the valley of the Colorado Mountains and feel like they are walking beside Roberta and her friends on this incredibly humbling journey of life and love in the counterculture.

Roberta Price personally narrating “Huerfano” is the perfect fit for this story. Her unique voice and the distinct voice she gives to the other characters round out this audiobook experience. As an added bonus, one of her main characters plays guitar in between chapters — a fun little addition, but it makes a big impact.

Grab this audiobook for your next vacation or preferably a road trip through Southeast Colorado. Listeners will not be disappointed! 

Alison Ellis