Home in Wylder

Jane Lewis
Narrator: Dawson McBride

HISTORICAL WESTERN: Sarah Miller leaves Savannah, Georgia, in 1878, to take a cross-country train ride to escape her part in a scandal. Her prominent family is embarrassed when her fiancé leaves her at the altar after bragging about taking her virginity. Worried about her social status, Sarah’s mother sends her off alone to Wylder, Wyoming, to stay with her sister, a gruff widow and owner of Lowery’s Dress Shoppe. Sarah hopes to return home once the scandal dies. Unfortunately, she is accosted by two brothers as soon as she arrives. Daniel Taylor and Callum MacPhilip help her to get away from them, and Daniel loses a little piece of his heart to Sarah.

Listeners get invested in this story from the start, as this sheltered young woman travels to the Wild West, and is then ‘attacked’ within moments of arriving. There’s a tension that never lets up, as listeners wonder when these two obnoxious brothers will appear next. The pace stays steady, as listeners get to know these characters and get a feel for what it must have been like to live in the nearly lawless West.

Dawson McBride brings this story to life beautifully!  He conveys emotion, heart, and authenticity with his voice in a way that delights the listener. Many of the characters have southern accents, although the story takes place in Wyoming, because many are from the south. Fortunately for listeners, his Scottish brogue when Callum speaks sounds authentic as well. The production and sound quality are top-notch, and there are no unexpected noises evident in the recording. This particular narrator telling this specific story creates a memorable and delightful combination!

Carey Sullivan