Highland Spring

Elizabeth Rose
Brian J. Gill

HISTORICAL:  Summer Gunn has grown up as the daughter of the Laird of Clan Gunn, and has worked hard to be an emotionless, warrior – and the best archer in the clan.  She is helped when she obtains an expertly crafted bow and arrows from the slain body of one of her enemies on the battleground.  Her father wants only one thing – conquest and revenge on Clan Shaw.  He agrees to marry Summer to the widowed Laird Shaw as part of an alliance, so that he can gain entry and lay siege to his enemy.  How will Summer cope with the transition from warrior woman to wife and surrogate mother?  How will she reconcile her loyalties between her birth clan and her new clan?  Moreover, what will she do when she finds out her life has been built on a lie?

Elizabeth Rose is sure to thrill audiences with another entry into her “Seasons of Fortitude” series.  This book does stand well on its own, so if one hasn’t read the others, that shouldn’t stop a reader from diving into this one.  Ms. Rose does a great job of introducing one to characters in a way that makes you instantly want to know more about them, and makes it easy to get into their heads.  

Brian J. Gill has a great performance here, and effortlessly switches between accents and characters in such a way as to not drag the listener out of the story.  Gill clearly has a talent for this genre, and Ms. Rose was right to use him.  The production quality is top notch as well, leaving nothing to distract the listener from what is a very enjoyable story. This tale is sure to appeal to a wide range of listeners so give it a listen – you will not be disappointed!

TJ Richards