The Heir (The King’s Cousins, Book 2)

Alexa Aston
Brad Wills

HISTORICAL:  Landon de Blays was raised alongside his cousin, the future King Edward III after his father was branded a traitor and beheaded.  Nevertheless, the two cousins are close and loyal.  After distinguishing himself in battle, he is awarded a title, lands and a bride.  Cassiana Campion is the oldest child of parents who have lost almost all of their children through illness or war, which puts her in charge of Briarwood, her home.   When her remaining brother dies, Cassiana reacts angrily when Landon shows up with the news that her brother is gone and that she is to marry him, as proclaimed by the King.

There are undercurrents of malice in this audiobook, which adds a delightful tension to the story.  There is an unexpected development in the latter third of the book that brings heartache to these protagonists, but which also leads to the redemption that Landon has been seeking his entire life.  Both Cassiana and Landon make mistakes when dealing with each other, but each have conflicts in their pasts that cause them to react certain ways at times.  

This story is a believable auditory feast for the ears!  Brad Wills is the perfect narrator for this audiobook.  Through the author’s descriptive skill and the narrator’s voice skills, the listener is in for a treat with this audiobook!  It is easy to picture the great hall, feasts, pageantry, and battles.  The audio quality of the production is outstanding, and the narrator does a great job of keeping the story flowing appropriately.

Carey Sullivan