Heart and Soul

Karen Michelle Nutt
Narrator: Holly Adams

Back in the 1980’s Haley Rose and her boyfriend disappeared. They were seen at a gas station, and then never seen again. Rowan Beckett, 30, knows things only Haley would know, and she sings in a similar style. She’s been having vivid dreams about a woman and a man, and her family and her ex-boyfriend want her committed to a mental institution because of her crazy dreams. Nevertheless, she follows the trail she’s discovering to a coffee bar and musical venue owned by Maverick Sullivan, where she takes a job as the music manager, in hopes of discovering the fate of Haley Rose and her boyfriend. Both Rowan and Maverick seem to have a connection to the missing pair, but it takes them time to figure that out, because they don’t understand it.

Paranormal elements occur within this story, and fans of the genre should enjoy this audiobook, as they are presented believably. The pace is steady, if somewhat relaxed for much of this audiobook, and the tension is light, until it isn’t. The ending is somewhat predictable, yet the journey to reach it is still enjoyable. The story details, as well as the protagonist’s conflicts, are presented plausibly. However, there are abundant coincidences within this story. The mood within the audiobook seems more ‘small-town’ than ‘LA suburb,’ which is a good thing, and works well within this story.

Holly Adams does a believable job voicing the various characters, and puts significant effort into distinguishing each voice. Her Texas drawl sounds authentic; however, many of the characters reside in LA, which is depicted with more neutral accents for the most part. The production quality of the recording is well-done, without any noticeable sound flaws or excess noises evident within the entirety of the recording. A fun listen for fans of paranormal romance.

Carey Sullivan