Guessing At Normal

Gail Ward Olmsted
Narrated By: Gina Rogers

CONTEMPORARY: James Sheridan’s life is insane. He is trying to get his rock band off the ground and there is so much pressure - not to mention the parties. Things change for him when he has a one night stand with motel clerk Jill Griffin. She wants a committed relationship, but James isn’t sure he can give her that. The rock star lifestyle isn’t exactly ideal for someone in a relationship, especially when the band starts taking off. Jill finds herself in the spotlight when James uses her poems in his songs. It puts their relationship to the test when she becomes a song writer. With both of them under so much pressure, can their love survive? Or are they doomed to split up?

As it stands, “Guessing At Normal” is an awesome story with varied characters that have a lot going on. The character development is spot-on. Jill and James grow as a couple on the page and in their own separate ways. Gail Ward Olmsted uses delightful description and her great writing skills to take the readers on this journey while expressing the changes that both these main characters are going through. Plot-wise, the novel moves at an even pace while maintaining the page-turner quality which is wonderful. There are some parts that could have used a little more description, however, this does not spoil the flow or enjoyment, and overall, the story is charming.

Gina Rogers is a clear and concise narrator who has a lovely tone of voice. The way she uses her voice and the different pitches to tell the story is fantastic and really makes this audiobook engaging. Her performance is great and will keep listeners hooked. The time definitely felt as though it flew and this is due to the great work of the narrator, bringing the author’s work to life. An awesome tale, and lovely to listen to!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick