The Groom: Alter-ed Destinies, Book 2

Elise Marion

Narrator: Logan McAllister


CONTEMPORARY:  Dr. Lyle Cummings is the head of the cardio-thoracic department at Mount Sinai Medical Center.  During his wedding, his fiancé states that she can’t marry him, because she is still in love with her ex-husband. Consequently, Lyle finds a bar in Manhattan within which to drown his sorrow.  Katrina Giordano sings at Parson’s, where Lyle stops after his wedding fiasco. He is ready to go home when Katrina starts singing, and Lyle is mesmerized. Katrina, the daughter of a Sicilian mob boss, stays away from mob business.  Her father is in a turf war, and he asks Katrina to leave the country to stay safe, but she refuses, naively thinking the mob will ignore her.  

There are wonderful supporting characters in this story who add personality and depth to this audiobook.  Lyle’s pride plays a supporting role as well, most noticeably at the start of the story. There is an underlying tension throughout, which is especially evident after Katrina gets attacked, and Lyle is there to repair the damage.  Additionally, there are some lighthearted parts to lessen the tension, and some awkward times to induce listener cringe. Lyle has been existing for most of his life, but has rarely experienced passion, while Katrina is passionate about many things.  Both protagonists have much to teach each other and to learn about life. The conflicts and contrasts are clear and are portrayed well for each character.  

The narrator does a wonderful job of bringing the heart of this story to life.  He becomes each character, and the listener believes his portrayal. His tone is rich and full, and there are nuanced differences that keep the voices distinct.  The female voices even sound believable for a male narrator. The audio is excellent, and there aren’t any noticeable drops in quality or unexpected external noises.  

Carey Sullivan