Grass Valley Brides (Regional Romance Series Book 3)

Shanna Hatfield

HISTORICAL WESTERN: Cara Cargill is known for being a fantastic match-maker. When Taggert Thompson hires her to help him find the perfect bride, she’s got her work cut out for her. First there is Daisy Bancroft, who ends up being pawned off on Taggert’s best friend. Then Bridget “Birdie” Byrne has a chance meeting with Rance Barlow that changes her life. When her own sister runs off to meet Taggert, Cara draws the line and travels to Grass Valley. Something is not right, and her reputation as a match-maker is on the line.

In this inspirational Western romance, Ms. Hatfield has masterfully woven three separate tales together under one common theme. Each story stands alone, though they do connect at moments throughout. Daisy has a sweet and tender story. Birdie’s, on the other hand, is one full of instant connection. Finally, Cara’s story is the one the whole book builds to as all of the loose ends come together and mysteries are resolved. By the end of the book, everything comes together neatly and sweetly! All of the stories put together follow similar genre tropes, but the way Ms. Hatfield blends those traditional elements, humor, and sweetness makes for a delightful tale. The world created for this novel is true to its historical roots, instantly transporting readers back in time during their romantic adventure.

Mr. Dyess has an incredible variety of voices that are brought to his performance. He drives the story forward during slower moments. Not only is Mr. Dyess talented with a variety of character voices, but he also is able to connect with the material, so the emotions conveyed are powerful. Overall, this is a great listen for lovers of Westerns and inspirational romances!

Chelsea Andersen