GO! The Bettenhausen Story: Race Against a Dream

Carl Hungness
Narrator: Stark Wilson
ISBN Number: 

HISTORICAL SPORTS: The Bettenhausen family is one of the greatest in racing history! This nonfiction narrative delves into the history of the auto racing industry in great detail through the perspective of the Bettenhausen men—from the 1930’s to the 1980’s. The need for speed and the challenge that comes with trying to win the coveted Indy 500 championship is part of the Bettenhausen DNA, making them the perfect family through whom to discover more about the sport of car racing, rejoice in their triumphs, and grieve their losses. Follow them on their rise to becoming a piece of history. Learn why the thrill of the race has driven this family for generations!

This book gives a fascinating look at the thrilling history of the Indy 500! Mr. Hungness gives a detailed account of the history behind the Bettenhausen family and the role they played in one of the greatest races of our time! The book is thoroughly researched and displays a great deal of passion for the material. Unfortunately, the characterizations of the key players to the story aren’t well developed. The story itself isn’t presented as a fictional narrative. A lot of scenes are retold action by action with a layering of facts, rather than an imaginative retelling of events. Some readers might find this less engaging. However, there are a lot of unknown facts that are fascinating!

Mr. Wilson gives a steady reading of the book, which helps keep the narrative captivating. He does his best to bring the characters to life and adds urgency to some of the more intense moments of the story. This adds energy to the book that also keeps its contents fresh and more entertaining. Overall, “Go! The Bettenhausen Story” is a well done production! Listeners who are willing to devote to the tale will find themselves surprised by all they’ve learned.

This is a book for lovers of nonfiction narratives like “The Zookeeper’s Wife” or “Hidden Figures”!

Chelsea Andersen