The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci

Belle Ami
Narrator: Gary Furlong

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  Art historian Angela Renatus has been having dreams of Leonardo Da Vinci himself as he paints the portraits of a mysterious couple: Giuliano Medici and his lover Fioretta Gorini, a painting no one living has seen. Compelled by these visions, Angela sets out to see if the painting does in fact exist. Alex Cane, art detective, is also interested in finding the same painting. Alex’s client is a wealthy German who is interested in clearing the name of his late uncle who went missing during World War II. Together, they go to Florence in search of a treasure that if it exists will change art history forever. Too bad there is another party interested in uncovering the truth, who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the painting.

“The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci” is a fast-paced romantic suspense novel. It is highly sensual, with the bulk of the story focusing on the characters and the chemistry they share. The premise is a fun and unique twist on the paranormal romance genre, with multiple narratives spun together in a way that makes the listener continue on, needing to know what happens next. Angela and Alex especially have a heated chemistry that spans multiple lifetimes as they travel not just through Italy, but also through time itself via their past lives.

Gary Furlong gives an awesome performance. His accents are spot on, and the distinction between characters is so well done it sometimes feels as though there are multiple narrators. His performance is also full of heart, making it easy to fall into the emotions of the characters.

This is a good book to listen to while on the go or while cozying up in bed. Readers who enjoy historical fiction, time travel, adventure, and steamy romance will especially enjoy it!

Chelsea Anderson