Gambling on Her Panther (Shifters in Vegas Book 3)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL: Dex Davitt is a panther shifter and the best card dealer at the vampire-run Scarlet Palace Casino in Las Vegas. His friend Bob helps him out when he can throughout the story. Bob is aware that Dex is $1M richer, following some fancy gambling three weeks earlier by one of his close friends—who left Vegas immediately afterward with half of the winnings. Unfortunately, Dex is being constantly scrutinized because the vampires suspect him in the loss of the $2M, but can’t prove it. Dex loves Dakota Morganstern, a former stuntwoman, but she is human and might not stay with him once she learns he is a panther shifter. For her own safety, he has ghosted her for three weeks, to keep her off of the vampires’ radar. She’s mad!

There is a lot of action in this audiobook; it’s a novella, thus, things start happening relatively early. Events are described colorfully, and listeners can visualize them well as they occur. It is easy to tell the bad characters from the good ones, and toward the end, several characters work together to right some wrongs for a very satisfying finish! The story provides some interesting original elements such as a vegan vampire(!) and a hedgehog shifter, while retaining the expected gargoyles, vampires, and witches in a mob-like setting. The pacing works well for this story.

Kelsey Osborne narrates the story effectively and the production quality is good; however, the delivery is slow at times. She has a clear, crisp voice, yet there isn’t a whole lot of distinction between several of the voices of characters portrayed in this audiobook. There aren’t any unexpected noises in the recording and the narrator presents the story in a believable manner. There are multiple thrilling action scenes, which add to listener’s overall enjoyment of this audiobook!

Carey Sullivan