Gambling on Her Bear (Shifters in Vegas Book 2)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL: Karen Proulx is a diamond thief—and a half-witch, half-dragon shifter. She’s in Vegas on a mission, to steal one of the most beautiful gems in existence. To have it would be a true prize. Unfortunately, it’s being held in the vaults of a casino run by vampires. When she realizes that a certain bear-shifter from her past is part of the security team, she might have found herself an extra treat. Tanner Lloyd is a bear-shifter working undercover. His goal is to save his clan, and he doesn’t need any distractions. Especially his mortal enemy.

“Gambling on Her Bear” is a fast-paced, action-packed, and sexy romance! Karen and Tanner burn up the pages with undeniable chemistry. From the very beginning they sizzle, and it just doesn’t stop! Karen is an independent and strong woman with a wild side who is easy to root for. In Tanner, she’s got her perfect mate, a by the book, no nonsense guy! Together, their journey is just as emotional as it is full of adventure, making the book a well-rounded and solid read! Ms. Lowe captures the atmosphere of Vegas perfectly, absorbing readers into the world she’s created! While the story follows a lot of the usual plot elements one can expect in a shifter romance, Ms. Lowe’s writing keeps them all feeling fresh and fun!

Ms. Osborne’s performance is exciting and full of passion. She’s able to bring each character to life by truly connecting with the personalities. With the main characters, she’s able to adjust her tone and pitch to make them all sound unique. Some of the side characters might sound similar, but they each have their own different flare. She does a fantastic job of using her voice to keep the energy flowing and heightening the emotional experience of the listener!

This is a perfect story for readers who love shifter romances and destined mates!

Chelsea Andersen