Flight of the Raven

Judith Sterling
Narrator: Rebecca McKernan

HISTORICAL:  Lady Emma is betrothed to Sir William I’Orage, and she’s prepared to give him everything—except her virginity. A curse has claimed her mother and is placed on her as well: unless she conceives a child in love, she will die. Too bad Sir William doesn’t believe in curses. He’s got his sights set on seducing her, no matter the cost. Both are headstrong in their ways and unwilling to bend. In the end, who will be the one to break, and will it be for lust or love?

Immediately, Judith Sterling creates a beautiful, poetic, mood that flows through the whole story! Listeners are thrust into Lady Emma’s and Sir William’s world. The author describes every environment perfectly and vividly brings every emotion to life throughout the story. Emma and William’s journey discovering the mysteries behind Lady Emma’s curse is one of love and lust. The build-up of tension is almost unbearable until it is given a very satisfying release that will leave listeners glued to their devices for more. There is a slight paranormal twist that’s incorporated seamlessly into the story, making it feel just as real and natural as the rest of the world created by Ms. Sterling.

Rebecca McKernan has a lovely voice to listen to. Her characterizations are strong for both Lady Emma and Sir William, while some of the side characters are a bit more lackluster. Unfortunately, the pacing is a bit too quick throughout, making it hard to savor some of the scenery painted with her beautiful voice. Her emotional portrayals, however, are spot on and hold the listener in the story.

This is a fantastic book for lovers of historical romance and romance alike! 

Chelsea Andersen