Fire Maidens: Scotland (Billionaires and Bodyguards, Book 6)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

Holly Jennings and Lachlan McKenney are both dragon shifters, and they fell in love with each other ten years ago, but Lachlan’s responsibilities and his plans for his future don’t allow room for love. Consequently, he breaks Holly’s heart and leaves her alone, even though they are fated mates. In the ensuing years, they have tried to get over one another, but neither succeeds. They finally see each other again, but Holly is wary of losing her heart again. Lachlan is focused on his future and controlling his environment, and there is no room for flighty, unpredictable Holly. However, fate has other plans. He and Holly must follow final instructions from Trevor, a deceased dragon shifter, who wants his ashes spread in certain places that were beloved by him.

This is the sixth audiobook in the series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. This story is crafted beautifully, with many nuanced details completing the story arc, often decades after events are set in motion. These thought-provoking details elevate this audiobook above the norm. The story flows at a rapid pace; however, there are pockets within the story that almost feel contemplative, which add depth and heart to the tale, and make it a feast for the senses.

While the production quality of the recording is excellent, the narrator is the weak link in this audiobook. It is set in Scotland, but there are only a few attempts at speaking with a Scottish accent in this entire recording. However, Ms. Osborne obviously enjoys narrating this story, as there is often a smile present in her voice when she speaks, adding to the overall enjoyment for the listener. Her characterizations are consistent and performed appropriately, albeit with an American accent. “Fire Maidens: Scotland” is a great addition to the Billionaires and Bodyguards series.

Carey Sullivan