Fire Maidens: Rome (Billionaires & Bodyguards, Book 3)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

P/UF:  Lena Castamolino struggles with a bizarre problem: every full moon, her skin changes into something like leather and she’s been growing wings. The only change she can attribute these phenomena to is her recent move to Rome. Enter Sergio Monseratti, a shifter threatened with exile from his beloved city if he can’t take down a powerful mafia boss. The pull between him and Lena is strong and almost impossible to ignore, but if he gives in to his desires, it might spell the ruin of his clan. But Lena can’t let him walk away so easily—not when he has the answers she seeks.

A fast-paced, action-filled romance that sizzles throughout! “Fire Maidens: Rome” is an entertaining installment of the series. While it stands alone, reading the other books helps fill in a few gaps in the plot, as well as with the character relationships. Lena and Sergio have a realistic chemistry that will draw readers in and keep hold of their attention. The descriptions of Rome are lush and real, transporting readers there right along with the characters. A few moments in the story feel like they could use a little more explanation, but overall, this is a very satisfying book! Ms. Lowe knows how to craft an exciting romance! Readers of her other books will notice similarities in the formula she’s perfected.

Ms. Osborne gives a passionate performance, and it’s clear she truly connects with the characters. The emotions are vivid, and she commands the novel with her voice! She keeps the flow moving during the slower parts of the novel, while adding to the excitement of the action-filled moments!

This is the perfect novel for fans of shifters, billionaires, and steamy romances!

Chelsea Andersen