Fire Maidens: London (Billionaires & Bodyguards Book 2)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelly Osborne

PARANORMAL:  Gemma Archer, a woman who has fled to London from her hometown of Boston, hopes to escape a stalker. She has no idea factions, both good and evil, are seeking her out because she is a Fire Maiden, someone who could bring untold powers to those who control her. Liam Bennet, a half lion, half dragon shifter, meets her on the subway by pure coincidence, and learns that she is his fated mate. When Liam is ordered to mate and breed her by his superiors, his stomach turns at their self-serving machinations, but what can he do? As Gemma struggles to accept her new reality, can they work together to navigate the dangers surrounding them to get their happy ending? Or will outside forces ruin their chance at happiness and keep them apart? 

Gemma is a spunky, no-nonsense heroine who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and Liam is a swoon-worthy lion shifter trying his best to take care of his mate while keeping the peace with his bosses. Their chemistry sizzles from their first meeting, and continues throughout the story. The descriptions of various places in London add an interesting element to the story. Fans of Ms. Lowe’s work will notice some similarities in the storyline which can detract a little if one knows what’s coming, but it is still an entertaining fast-paced story. 

Kelly Osborne as the narrator gives an enthusiastic performance of the story, however her attempt at English accents and male voices was a little off-putting. Her high energy makes up for this, though, pulling the listener in and holding one’s attention. Chapters will have flown by before one realizes it!

Katy Nielsen