Fire Maidens: Greece (Billionaires & Bodyguards Book 8)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL: Theo Lazaridis is a dragon shifter who is back home in Greece after ten years in the French Foreign Legion. After completing the tasks his father keeps forcing on him to see if he is ready to inherit, his next task is to marry. And his father has potential mates waiting when he returns. Theo is not interested. Zoe Thomas is an archaeologist who feels like “something extraordinary” is hidden “among the mundane” of the area she is surveying on the east side of the island of Anemodonos. She feels at home on the island, although she is ‘xénos’--an outsider. She is winning over some of the islanders as they see the changes occurring on Anemodonos since her arrival.

This story contains action, adventure, mystery, danger, evil, camaraderie, revelations, acceptance, healing, and a few surprises hiding within it. Listeners will cheer as the island inhabitants unite to face a foe with evil intent. Along the way, the author and the narrator paint such vivid pictures with words, that listeners can visualize the beauty of the Greek Isles as the story progresses. This audiobook may leave listeners with a strong desire to visit Greece as the story concludes!

Not having firsthand knowledge of the Greek language, it is unclear whether the narrator pronounces every Greek word correctly. Nevertheless, the audiobook is a quality recording; the only issue is that most of the Greek characters sound English, and definitely not Greek. Other than this small issue, the recording is free from extraneous sounds and mouth noises. The volume is consistent throughout, and the characters are easily distinguished, although a few sound somewhat similar. This story is fun—to listen to and to experience! The ending was delightful, with everything tied up neatly and satisfactorily, and with the next story already set up.

Carey Sullivan