Fire (The Elementals Book 1)

LB Gilbert,
Narrator: Tanya Eby

PARANORMAL:  Diana is a fire elemental. Her life is dedicated to bringing those who do evil in the world to justice. With the ability to track down murderers, she is able to do this job quite well. However, it leaves a sense of disappointment since she usually arrives a little too late. When she is given the task of finding a missing child, she makes it her goal to be on time. What she does not anticipate is an entire coven of Vampires also being interested in the case, and one of them being awfully handsome.

“Fire” is a fast-paced action romance with witches, vampires, werewolves, and more. It has just enough of a unique spin to keep the genre fresh, but also holds enough of the traditional lore that readers will not be frustrated. The settings are colorful and all over the world. Diana is a fun heroine to cheer for on all of her adventures as she deals with the bad guys while also trying to understand the passions of her heart. The chemistry between her and the hero is smoldering, beginning with a slow burn that makes their relationship real just as much as it is passionate. Readers will not want their adventure to end.

Tanya Eby really nails the performance. Each character has their own distinct sound, and their personalities come through vividly. The accents are spot on for the characters that need them, and there is never a lull in her energy. Readers will be very absorbed in the story.

“Fire” is a great opening to a unique series for  urban fantasy fans. 

Chelsea Anderson