The Final Gift of the Beloved

Barron Steffen
Narrator: Barron Steffen

INSPIRATIONAL/MEMOIR:  After being told that his wife is dead, author Barron Steffen begins an intense emotional process. This book details the first thirteen days after hearing those words. Part love story, and part spiritual revelation. The book is both a tale of tragedy as well as triumph. Go through all of the stages of grief as the author tries to make sense of both his emotions and the reality of what has just happened. A true story!

Barron Steffen has created an emotionally charged look at how our spiritual life greatly affects our outlook on life. Through his journey, readers will feel all stages in the raw grief he experiences over the death of his wife. No emotions are held back, and it is this part of the story that is incredibly gripping! There are a few moments where the book seems to become repetitive, and that causes a lull in the pacing. Experiences and phrases are used more than once, contributing to the book’s raw feel. The author has a lot of thoughts and emotions to process, but he does so in a way that is touching and easy to follow. Overall, Mr. Steffen’s tale is one that many will connect with, and his words of wisdom bring comfort and hope.

Mr. Steffen provides the narration for his own novel, and it is his performance that really makes this book powerful. He doesn’t hold back in expressing the many emotions he feels. So much of the story is told as if the reader is listening to an old friend. Mr. Steffen is not afraid to be vulnerable and allow the reader to know him deeply. 

This is a good memoir for those who enjoy personal stories that are both spiritually charged and intimate.

Chelsea Andersen