Family Secrets (Whispering Pines Mystery)

Shawn McGuire
Narrator: Sandra Murphy

MYSTERY:  Jayne O’Shea’s life is in shambles. She has just quit her job as a cop and left her long-time boyfriend. She feels utterly lost, and hopes that tending to her grandparents cabin will give her the space and time she needs to think and heal. When she arrives at the Whispering Pines cabin, she discovers a dead woman and her cop instincts immediately kick in. When the local sheriff comes along, he doesn’t seem remotely interested in solving the case, so Jayne takes it upon herself to investigate. She soon learns that the village is a safe haven for those who practice Wicca — her late grandmother among them.  Who murdered the young woman? It is hard to tell with so much mystery lurking in Whispering Pines.

"Family Secrets" is filled with suspense and mystery! Since all the locals practice Wicca, they make for fabulously unique characters! This book also sheds light on the Wiccan religion, and the author does a wonderful job researching all of those aspects. The local characters are all very enjoyable. However, Jayne O’Shea falls short in comparison. There are times where she would say she would not judge, then turn around and be judgmental. Unfortunately, her character doesn’t seem to develop at all, even at the end she tends to have an over-critical attitude.

The narrator was adequate. There are times when there should have been more urgency in her voice. The mellow tone of her voice turns suspenseful moments into average moments. However, the narrator does very well with the tones of the different character voices.  Overall, this was a fantastic and unique mystery! There is no romance in this story, just pure mystery. Be prepared for twists, turns, and a shocking ending!

Amanda Hupe