Fairytale Christmas (The Fair Folk Saga 1)

Merrie Destefano,
Narrator: Sally Hanan

PARANORMAL:  Thousands of years ago, a war broke out between the mortals and immortals. Eire is Queen of the Faeries, and “Fairytale Christmas” tells the dramatic story of how her kind was exiled from Ireland. The story tells of the dangers she faces as she tries to survive a war against enemies determined to kill not just her, but her entire family.

“Fairytale Christmas” is a magical story, and not just because of the mythical creatures in the novella. Ms. Destefano’s writing is pure magic itself. The descriptions are rich and heartfelt, as are the emotions of the characters -- when the reader is allowed to see them. Because the book is a novella, there are many plot points that are given the “and then this happened” treatment rather than having the reader experience them with the character. Sometimes, it worked to the story’s benefit, but at other times it has the opposite effect. The story is enchanting. It’s more of a winter-themed novella than an outright Christmas story, so it can be read even if the reader isn’t in the holiday spirit. Full of adventure and a steady romance, it makes for a beautiful quick read. The writing is so poetic and beautiful it is easy to be left wanting more.

Sally Hanan gives a narration that is equally as beautiful as the words. A slight accent to fit the mood and scenery of the novella. There are moments where the sound seems off for a few seconds and that can be slightly distracting to the story itself. Overall, she gives a magnificent performance with emotion and distinct sounds for all the characters, giving them all a separate life of their own.

pastedGraphic.pngChelsea Anderson