Reviews - Audiobooks

Beautiful Fury

Katherine E. Hamilton
Narrator: Chelsea Carpenter

CONTEMPORARY:  Caroline Pritchard is the gallery director for The Daulton Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She is searching for the artist responsible for creating beautiful glass artwork but isn’t having any luck.  All she knows is that the artist is a man and that he goes by the initials F.

Love’s Journey Home
C.A. Simonson,
Narrator: Peter Kendall

YOUNG ADULT/INSPIRATIONAL:  Growing up Frank has had a rough life, with an abusive father and then later abandonment; he has a lot to sort through. He is just starting to figure out how to decipher right from wrong when he meets Anne. “Love’s Journey Home” is a tale of hope and redemption when it seems impossible.

Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoeprints That Matter
Nina Norstrom,
Narrator: Sara L. Morsey

INSPIRATIONAL:  Through a journey of love and loss, author Nina Norstrom goes through her life lessons, showing how to deal with the challenges thrown in our path. Everything has the potential to develop into a toxic relationship, not just our relationships with people. They can be formed with food, emotions, substances, and diseases.

Josie Riviera,
Narrator: Audra Cook

CONTEMPORARY:  This is a quick listen about an old Victorian home on 5 acres.

Collision Force: Crossing Forces, Book 1
C. A. Szarek,
Narrators: Kylie C. Stewart, Eric Rolon

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  FBI Agent Cole Lucas is trying to stop a human trafficking ring.  He has been undercover in New York for over a year when his cover is blown.  Maldonado, the criminal he is targeting, escapes but ends up in the small town of Antioch, Texas.  Cole is given a partner from the local police department, Detective Andi MacLaren, a widow and mother.