Reviews - Audiobooks

Watchmaker’s Heart
Juli D. Revezzo
Rachael Beresford

HISTORICAL/STEAMPUNK:  Phoebe likes to tinker instead of fulfilling her duties as a society woman, much to her parent’s dismay.  So, to force their will on her, they have arranged for her marriage to an abhorrent man.  Phoebe’s only way out is to buy her way out.  On one of her trips to sell one of her inventions to do just that, she runs into Mortimer, who seems to see the value in a diffuser

Dragon of the Stars
Alex J Cavanaugh
Michael Burnette

SCI-FI/SPACE OPERA:  Aden Pendar has a happy life laid out in front of him.  Son of a Duke, suitor of the Princess and poised on the cusp of a promotion to Captain, with his own ship to command.  However, when war breaks out with the Alliance, all bets are off.  Pendar must undertake a dangerous mission in search of a legendary missing ship, one with a weapon of devastating proportions.  He has

Anne McAneny
Laura Jennings

MYSTERY:  In this engaging romp through a tiny swamp town, Chloe Keyes, intrepid small town reporter, is up to her neck in strangeness.  An assignment to write a simple article about the events of a week 12 years ago threatens to upend the entire town, and sassy Chloe is smack dab in the middle of everything.  Will Chloe be able to unravel the mystery that haunts her childhood and has followed

Highland Spring
Elizabeth Rose
Brian J. Gill

HISTORICAL:  Summer Gunn has grown up as the daughter of the Laird of Clan Gunn, and has worked hard to be an emotionless, warrior – and the best archer in the clan.  She is helped when she obtains an expertly crafted bow and arrows from the slain body of one of her enemies on the battleground.  Her father wants only one thing – conquest and revenge on Clan Shaw.  He agrees to marry Summer to t

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY:  Taro is a young man forced into a life of petty crime in order to support his ailing parents and family.  He finds work as a burglar for a local crime boss, and quickly realizes that he is in over his head.  In order to keep his family safe, he takes a job breaking a sorceress free from her dungeon prison, but it requires him and his sister to go undercover as recruits for